Guidelines Operator visibility charge stations

The market is more and more organised in a situation where CPOs make use of tools/systems from other CPOs, who can either act as software supplier or service supplier or can even manage the operations (partially or totally) on behalf of the other CPO.
For the user of a charge station (EV driver) and other parties in the EV charging ecosystem, it is important to know who is responsible for the operations of a charge station and who to call in case of problems.

The overall problem is that the real responsible operator and right contact details are often not clear, either at the station or via tools of MSPs and NSPs.

eViolin is now proposing a clear solution for the market, which should remove any confusion about who is managing the charge station. This is in the benefit for the EV driver, but also for other parties in the market.

Guidelines Operator visibility charge stations v1_6 Final